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We tell stories that need to be told

By providing grant funding for entertaining and emotionally compelling films, Influence Film Foundation aims to provide more opportunities to engage with the world’s most important issues.


We provide completion funding for films.

By providing finishing funds to feature-length documentaries we enable filmmakers to tell the stories of our time.


We introduce funders to new opportunities.

We bring financiers and filmmakers together to make films that tell character driven stories that initiate positive social change.

Supported films

Influence Film Foundation has supported the films listed below:

Funding opportunities

Influence Film Foundation provides funds
for passionate films made by passionate filmmakers.
We provide completion funding to character driven
feature-length documentaries that address issues of social importance from around the world.

We bring financers and filmmakers together to
make films that tell the stories of our time.

We continue to look for select partners to support up and coming
new talent and the production of feature-length
documentaries intended for theatrical release.

Impact of Funding Film

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